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How would you like to be able to pay off your student loans?


How would you like to have a $85,000/year income by the time you graduate or even before you graduate?


You can achieve a financial foundation beyond your wildest dreams simply by doing what you do every day - word-of-mouth referring -telling friends about a new movie, restaurant, book or pub.


Referral Marketing - also called "Network Marketing" - is tapping into the power of word-of-mouth marketing which is the most effective form of advertising in the world. Instead of committing vast sums of money for huge advertising campaigns, network marketing companies pay their distributors commissions for word-of-mouth referrals.


Picture of College Students Whether your goal is a new car, a vacation of a lifetime, simply earning a few dollars per month, or earning a secure income - you are at the right place at the right time.


All you need to do is join Freeway to Success, use our great products and then tell five friends. Then once they join, help them refer five friends. Once five levels are filled you will be earning commissions of more than $3,500/month EVERY month.


Network Marketing is not only smart - it's fun. At the same time you are creating wealth for yourself, you are helping your friends become wealthy.


In these hard economic times college graduates are finding it harder and harder to find a job. You can create a recession-proof income in your spare time.


So, do your homework, read the information on this website, get your questions answered and JOIN US TODAY!


Students, you need to remember, "Success Is A Journey Not A Destination!"

The1DollarThing is designed for everyone - anywhere in the world!

No Learning curve - no experience necessary

we have done our research and has helped people around the world who empower all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.  We've found that ANYONE can earn a very lucrative income working in their spare time while continuing to do what they already do.  In most cases, EVERYONE would like to provide just a little bit more money for their household budget, they want just a little bit more time for their family and friends, they want to live just a little bit of what they dream of, basically, most people want just a little bit more!  The1DollarThing is just a little bitty dollar that can give you all those little bitty things you want!


Think about it - The Networker wants to help more people in their primary business - The College Students wants to graduate without thousands of dollars in debt - The Waitress want better hours and time off their feet - The Business Owner wants to pay off all those bills for all the equipment they need - The Truck Driver who wants more time at home.  The1DollarThing is here to help everyone - anywhere!

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